If you are building a custom home and you want a builder who truly cares about quality and pleasing his customers, we enthusiastically recommend Gary and Craftsman Builders to you.

Gary is unique in comparison to many high-end home builders in that he is a hands-on builder. While many contractors will manage your project from afar, you’ll routinely find Gary on your job site managing his subs and getting dirty himself. He and his team are hard workers, and they truly prioritize quality over what might be the easiest solution. His subs are also good people and skilled workers, many of whom we’ve enjoyed getting to know.

Gary has an easy-going personality, which brings a calm and confidence to his projects. He is honest and straight forward, and he’s a master problem solver. In a custom home, you’re constantly running into new challenges. Gary has seen it all, and he’s quick to offer one or more solutions.

Gary is also a renown woodworker and trim carpenter. If your style is ornate or minimal, Gary and his team do some of the best trim work around. But he also puts these skills to use in so many other ways. On our project, he engineered and built a floating staircase, crafted multiple built-ins, constructed a custom deck, and designed and built multiple doors including our front doors. Think about that for a minute — what other contractor would actually custom build your front doors?

Gary’s profession is also his passion, and he truly loves getting to share his knowledge and love of woodworking with others. He included me and our oldest son is several days of working on built-in’s at his shop and on site. He patiently allowed us to have a small part in the process, while sharing his love for his craft.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the home we now have. We consider Gary, Nathan, Mark, and others on his team friends, and we’ll continue to recommend him any chance we get!

- David and Meredith Adair

It has been our absolute pleasure to have known and worked with Gary Striegler and his team over the past three years. Gary has successfully completed several outstanding remodel and new addition projects, large and small, both inside and outside our home in Bentonville, AR. Gary is a true Craftsman and a perfectionist, with such an eye for detail.We have been delighted with the finished results of all of the projects, the real test being that they look like they have always been there ! We especially loved the oak book case and window seat he hand made for us. Gary and his team are professional, honest and extremely hardworking, and nothing is too much trouble for them. We have recommended them to several of our friends and they have all had the same positive experience.

They are a real pleasure to have around and we look forward to starting our next project with them in the upcoming weeks.

- Jack and Mechelle Sinclair


After purchasing a Southern Living plan, my wife and I had the difficult task of choosing a builder. We were not only looking for a project manager, but a skilled artisan. Gary Striegler and his company, Craftsman Builders, Inc. was selected after viewing the quality of his craftsmanship, hearing of his excellent reputation throughout the community, and reading his published articles.  Throughout the building process, we were well informed of the budget through the accounting system that he used which provided us with monthly reports.  His crew was professional, friendly, and efficient and were willing to put in the necessary hours to meet the timeline of completion of our home. We were extremely impressed and satisfied with the outcome of our building project.  Gary exceeded our expectations!

- Don Schiro


In 2007 we began the search for a builder to help us create our dream home.  We knew the house we wanted to build and the level of quality and detail we would demand in every aspect of our home.  The minute we met Gary and saw his work –  we knew he was the right man for the job.

We were immediately drawn to the quality and detail of his craftsmanship and the pride he takes in his work.  Once we began to research his past building jobs and clients, the positive references just kept pouring in.  He is a skilled builder and sought after authority on carpentry.  His entire team and all the sub contractors he brought to us were professional, experienced  and more than qualified.  There was never a doubt that the project would be done well and live up to our standards.  In fact, so much so that our home won the 2009 HBA Parade of Homes Best in Show award.  We have lived in our home for nearly 3 years now and still wake up every morning in love with every aspect of the home and are so very proud of the beautiful, quality home that Gary and his team were able to create for our family.

Gary could not have been more pleasant to work with.  We always felt like he was available to us to help walk through or workout anything.  When an issue arose , and there were not many, Gary and his team were quick to find solutions and work though the issue to best best outcome.  We trusted him completely and were able to finish our home project on time and on budget.  We enjoyed this building project so much and are so happy with the outcome, we would do it all over again – as long as Gary and his team are there to tackle the job!

Thank you Gary, Jeremy and team for making our home building dreams become a happy, beautiful reality!

- Matt & Courtney Kistler


After interviewing several builders, my husband and I chose Gary Striegler and
Craftsman Builders for two reasons – Gary’s attention to detail and calm easy-going personality.   My project required someone with the ability and patience to listen closely and notice detail.
Gary’s experience as a trim carpenter allows him to be not only a project manager, but a hands on builder.  His ability to replicate details from a photograph or description are truly impressive.  You will not find Gary behind a desk, but instead covered from head to toe in saw dust!

Gary’s commitment to “getting it right” far surpassed my expectations!  I have spent numerous hours with Gary throughout the design and building process and I can’t imagine anyone more enjoyable to work alongside.  We are honored to call him a friend!

- Courtney Smith


Our home building experience with Gary Striegler and Craftsman Builders has been both rewarding and successful. From the initial solicitation/bidding process through design and the final phases of construction, Craftsman Builders has provided thoughtful guidance and quality workmanship with an attitude of professional courtesy and excellence. Gary and his team consistently displayed a passion for creative problem solving with the development of special personalized features. He has a discerning eye for trim work, and the ability to create the most distinctive details.

Gary Striegler and Jeremy Lewis were there for us whenever we had a question or wanted to discuss a new idea. Also, to Craftsman Builder’s credit, all their sub-contractors displayed this same attitude and the same level of professional courtesy and quality.

We appreciate Gary’s incredible craftsmanship and his “can do attitude” and above all, his unwavering integrity.

Our home building project with Craftsman Builders has been a wonderfully successful experience. We love the end result, our beautiful home!

- Bob Rodweller & Cathy Case



After moving to Northwest Arkansas in 2000, we began attending the annual Parade of Homes.   Each year we made sure we toured the homes built by Craftsman Builders and we were always impressed with the design, custom features, attention to detail, and quality of workmanship of the homes built by Craftsman Builders.

When we made the decision to build our home in 2012, Craftsman Builders was high on the list of builders we considered.  After meeting with Gary and discussing our plans, we knew Craftsman Builders was a “good fit” for us.  We were looking for an experienced contractor that we felt comfortable with and could trust and one that had a “hands-on” approach to the building process.   Someone who could be found on the job-site instead of behind a desk.   Gary met that criteria.

Through the planning and building process, each time when asked who our contractor was, the response was the same – “You have chosen the best.”  The construction process was a positive experience that went smoothly with no major problems and was completed on time.  Throughout the construction process, we were regularly kept informed of the budget and actual expenses incurred by monthly construction reports.

Because of Gary’s level of expertise, woodworking skills, and eye for detail, we were able to suggest an idea or show Gary a picture, and he made it a become a reality with added custom detail and uniqueness.  He is a woodworking artist and his skills are amazing.

Everyone associated with Craftsman Builders was wonderful to have on the job site.  They were polite, courteous, willing to listen, offered suggestions, and were willing to make changes.  In addition, Gary Striegler and Jeremy Lewis have established a reliable team of sub-contractors that are experienced, professional, easy to work with, and take pride in their workmanship.  We would not hesitate in using the same sub-contractors for routine maintenance on our home in the future.

During the building process, an acquaintance said, “You know, it’s a privilege and honor to have Gary Striegler and Craftsman Builders build your home.”  That statement is so true.  We have been honored and blessed to get to know and work with Gary, Jeremy, the Craftsman team,  and sub-contractors.  Our home surpasses our dreams and expectations – we absolutely love it.

That you Gary, Jeremy and Team for making our ideas and dreams become a beautiful reality!

- Tim & Donna Scanlan


When our family decided to build a new home, we interviewed several different builders in Northwest Arkansas. We chose Craftsman Builders over all others due to their solid reputation for excellence and exceptional craftsmanship.

Everyone told us that building a new home is the most challenging, stress-filled project that a family would ever undertake. Our experience was just the opposite. We enjoyed working with Gary and his team of sub-contractors. We enjoyed getting to know all of them and worked together as one team throughout the whole process. Gary even encouraged our participation in certain aspects of the homebuilding, and he educated us along the way with his woodworking expertise.  Everyone involved was always professional, and Gary managed the entire project with a sense of pride. We put a lot of faith and trust in our builder, and Gary was very engaged and accessible.  He always made recommendations with our best interest at heart.  This high sense of accountability and integrity was evident throughout the project and is testament to why we chose Craftsman Builders to build our home and to be a part of our life! We highly recommend Craftsman Builders, and if this house wasn’t planned to be our “forever home”, we would chose Craftsman Builders all over again.

Pleased Home Owners,

- Mark and Kim Lauderdale