Gary Striegler has been practicing and honing his skills for over 40 years. Many of his tips of the trade have been collected into magazine articles and instructional videos from some of the biggest names in tools. See below for a sampling of these resources. You may also search Gary on YouTube or follow him on Instagram (@craftsmanbuilders).

Kreg Kitchen Makeover Series Part 1: How To Create New Cabinet Doors

Learn how easy it is to update your kitchen! In video #1 in this series, master carpenter Gary Striegler shows how to begin refacing your cabinets by building new doors. With Gary's great tips and some awesome solutions from Kreg®, you can complete a kitchen makeover yourself!

Simple Cabinet Construction, Part 1: Story Poles & Boxes

Gary Striegler demonstrates how to build a simple two-piece cabinet-- including doors, drawers, and moldings, with basic carpentry tools.

This Old House | Pro2Pro: Focus on Wainscot

Master carpenter Gary Striegler (@craftsmanbuilders) illustrates his time-tested approach for building paneled wainscot.

How To Build a Craftsman-Style Fireplace Mantel

Simple joinery and layered construction create a rock-solid, refined centerpiece.

Must-Have Router Jigs: Mill Arched Trim With a Homemade Compass

This might be the router jig I use the very most. It’s one of the simplest, but boy does it help me out, because truthfully, I’m not that good with a router.

Must-Have Router Jigs: Cut Clean, Straight Dadoes With this Simple Guide

I’m Gary Striegler and this is one of my favorite routing jigs. It’s used to make dadoes, for instance like on this small shelving unit that I’m getting ready to…