Gary began working with his father as a trim carpenter in 1972 at the age of 14. As the president of Craftsman Builders, Gary is still a hands-on builder. About half of his time is still spent on the job site creating the high end interiors that have become his trademark.

He is a frequent contributor to Fine Home Building Magazine and The Journal of Light Construction. Gary also enjoys teaching on subjects relating to home building. He has made presentations for The Woodworking Show, JLC Live Shows, Woodmaster Tools, Kreg Tools, DEWALT Tools, Grex Tools, and White River. Gary also teaches classes at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking. 


Custom Homes

At Craftsman Builders, we are a custom home building company in Northwest Arkansas. We have over 40 years in the home building industry.

Our goal is to provide a complete custom home that meets and exceeds our clients’ vision.


Some of our most rewarding projects are remodels. Each remodel is different, but with each remodel we take something that is old and transform it into something that is new. We strive to catch our client’s vision for both the form and the function of the space, and then work within their budget for the desired outcome.


Gary is passionate about teaching and sharing his craft with others. Over the years, many of his tips and tricks have been published by trade magazines and video series from some of the biggest names in tools. These teaching resources are key to developing an intricate understanding of carpentry and can take someone from the being an amateur to the next level. Gary also teaches hands-on workshops and presentations all across the country.

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